Get Started Earning Money With A Blog

Are you looking to earn some money part-time while doing something that you love?  Why not start up a blog?  Blogs can be about anything under the sun, so if you have a hobby or pastime that you’re into then that might be a great place to start.  Blogging has been around for a while but it’s only getting more and more popular as more business is conducted online and the opportunities to earn money have grown.

To start out you need to figure out how you want to create your blog.  The best way to learn how to start a blog is to just go for it.  There are a number of “free” blogging platforms out there such as blogger and the free version of WordPress that is hosted directly on WordPress.  However if you’re looking to earn money then the best way to go is to to self host your site on a host such as Bluehost and then buy a domain name.

WordPress itself is free, so once you have a host and a domain you don’t have to pay for WordPress yourself. But self hosting your site will give you so much more flexibility and freedom to do what you want, and this is important when starting out with Adsense and other advertising platforms.

So how do you start blogging?  The best way to start is to just start posting about whatever is interesting you at the time.  Just get the creative juices flowing.  From there you can follow some bloggers such as Neil Patel who are full time money making bloggers who write a lot about full time blogging and earning money online.

I personally earn money blogging through a variety of different websites.  I earn a lot via affiliate marketing, which is just a fancy way of advertising.  Affiliate marketing is very popular these days, and if you can buy it online or in the store there’s likely a way to earn affiliate commissions from promoting it.

For example, you can earn affiliate commissions just by sending people to Amazon.  If they buy something totally different, you still get a commission.  In fact, if they go away and later come back and go grocery shopping on Amazon you still get a commission because of their 24 hour anything goes cookies.

If you like to take pictures, that is a bonus.  However if photography is not your strong suit you can decorate your blog with stock images that are free from sites like Unsplash and Pexels.  I really like these sites and use them myself for my professional blogs when I can’t go out and shoot a photo myself.

Pictures do a lot for the following of the blog. If you don’t have any pictures then people aren’t going to come back to your site.

Another great way to grow your traffic to your blog is to join a social media site such as Pinterest to grow your following.  Pinterest is a GREAT source of traffic!